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Wedding Event Management

Easily plan your wedding events.


You can use the events already defined in W.A. or create your own. Your main events, such as ceremony and reception, will be defined as auto-invite – that means that guests created will be automatically invited to those events. You can follow-up with R.S.V.P. and thank you notes, manage the roles for your guests, and much more.


Manage your event’s invitee list

Your invitee list is the heart of your event management. For every guest, the right hand panel is available with all options defined for the event. For the main event, RSVP followup is automatically assigned. Meal selection can be set here and invitation and thank you notes follow ups.


Set your wedding Roles

Roles can also be set using the event management window. Clicking on “Role assignment” shows all roles defined for the event and invited guests can be assigned to the role list.


Multiple events with Wedding Assistant


Your wedding includes a few events. The usual ones are:

1. Ceremony
2. Reception
3. Bachelor Party
4. Bachelorette Party
5. Bridal Shower
6. Rehearsal dinner


You can rename (i.e. Bachelorette to Stagette), add and change your events as much as youd like.


There is also an option to hold the ceremony and reception together, and thoese two events will be merged.


The main events are automatically considered as? Auto invite? This means that each guest added to the system will be automatically added to the invitee list of this event. Other events can have their list filtered by gender and by age.


When managing your events, you also define whether Seating Arrangement is needed.


Once an event is added to the system, with a date and time filled in, it will be automatically added to the Calendar , with its own defined color.


How to follow up with RSVP and thank you notes


Every event, if defined with RSVP or thank you notes follow up, will have the respective columns ob the invitee list.


For each family that confirmed their attendence, or their absence, you can check the RSVP status and change it for the entire family or by member. This will be summed up on the bottom of the list and show you exactly how many people will be attending the event.

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Wedding event management

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